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7th year of success for Aurigny Healthcare and partners at REHACARE

Between 26th - 29th September, Aurigny Healthcare were once again proud to host the Aurigny Healthcare Client Pavilion at REHACARE 2018 Trade Show in Düsseldorf, Germany. We were joined by seven of our clients from around the globe, all showcasing their fantastic product to prospective distributors throughout the week.


Joining us on the stand were:


Elbur Vertriebs GmbH - Germany - Beds


Innov'SA - France - Riser Recliner Chairs


Allegro Concepts - Australia - Mobile Patient Hoists


Accora -  UK - Specialist Floor Bed


Human Protection International - Netherlands - Canopy Beds/Restraint Solutions


OpeMed - UK - Ceiling Track Hoists


QJ Rehab - China - Rehabilitation Systems


ActivLift - New Zealand - Patient Standing Aid

Rehacare only

Here are some highlight photos of the week for you to enjoy. If you were unable to join us, then please reach out to us at for more information on the product that was showcased on our Pavilion.

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New Elbur Double Profiling Bed, now available for 2019!

We are pleased to showcase our new Burhou Double Profiling Bed, by Elbur Vertriebs of Germany. This is the first bed in our range which allows double occupancy use. Now available for 2019 the bed features the below:



- Beech Wood Construction with 7 available

  colour options.


- Two profiling mattress platforms encased in one double

  bed frame, allowing for two users to share a bed in a

  home environment where one or both users need

  profiling bed functions.


- Two Handsets, for each mattress platform.


- A matress platform lifting range of 40cm to 80cm.


- Made in Poland.



Contact us for more information on

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